Sunday Funday

This weekend we ended up renting a car so we would be able to pick up a couple things from the store. My car is still at the shop getting put back together and for those who don’t know, we were in a car accident last week. The bright side, I’m glad that everyone involved in the accident is okay, but now we have a dent in our monthly budget. Basically this means we’ll be eating at home more and buying in bulk or on sale. This is not a problem for us because I’ve been buying extra items for the pantry anyway and couponing has brought us an abundance of house hold essentials. 

Over the weekend we stocked up on some essentials like cookies, beer, and things from the dollar section at Target. I’ve missed Target. Usually I hit that place up twice a week for couponing specials, now I just put things in my online cart and close the web browser. So now that we have a bunch of new items to add to the pantry, we needed to make space, and by we, I meant myself. I spent 3 hours in the kitchen cleaning the pantry and underneath the sink. 


I think the pantry looks okay, it’s defiantly not where I want it to be. I picked up some bins from the dollar tree and some mason jars from target for all my baking/cooking items. While cleaning under the sink, I realized that there was a leak and water was dripping all over our things. Lame, but I’m glad we know about it now, I was about to put the paper towels and toilet paper under there. 



next time: couponing/prepping/I’m kinda obsessed now