A New Year, A New B

Just kidding, I'm the same B. 

I came to the conclusion that 2016 was a shit show. I felt like last year was a crazy mess for me, because I wasn't very creative and every project fell apart. My mind and body aren't are on the same page or book, and well, to be honest, I'm not sure they even know how to read. This year I'm going to do things that help my spirit, health, and creativity. 

Yesterday, I spent the whole day organizing the room, putting the Christmas tree away, and going through the closet for donations. At night the boyfriend and I went on a walk around the neighbor hood where we caught Pokemon and talked about Bill Cosby. 

Today, I walked two miles to the market to pick up broccoli and cauliflower (which I apparently  had already at the house) , strawberries and bananas (smoothies),  and Parmesan cheese (quiche). I remembered my reusable bags and forgot what else I came here for. The jello on sale and the people in self checkout kept inching closer and closer to my cart like little piranhas about to attack. 

With food and flowers in had, I took an Uber home and started cracking eggs for the quiche. The quiche got stuck the mini cupcake tray and I didn't start laundry till the oven was off. My quiche had eggs, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and Parmesan cheese on top. Now, I'm just gonna fold the laundry and draw.


xoxo b.v.