is it even about hair?

Recently, I went (still going through) a paranoia that I'm losing my hair. I'm convinced that I'm losing a lot more hair than the average person. When I part my hair I can see more of my scalp, but then again I can't remember if it was always like that. Stress has definitely been a factor in this hair debacle.


The past 6 months have been overly emotional. My god-mother passed away from breast cancer, current job wasn't cutting it and I felt like I wasn't creating anything to save my life.


I love Dora, and I feel her spirit everyday, but I know I'll never hear her voice or see her smile again. I have my coping routines where I'll go to a dollar or thrift store alone so that I can just have my moments with her. It's what we liked to do, and it's what I'll do to hang on. I love my sisters.


My job didn't feel like I could grow bigger then the dome that was on top of it. It was a great place, but I just knew I had to make more money and think about my future. I always came home stressed, late, and grouchy. I took work home. I came in early and left late. I liked working there, the staff was great, but it was too much for my pay grade. This was a lesson, it's okay to walk away from something that isn't working for your life. It doesn't mean it was bad, or useless, it mean it's no longer works. It doesn't mean you hated the people, it just meant that while they were in a different chapter, you were starting a new novel. It's okay to walk away. Especially with a hole in your tooth.


I haven't been creating like I should. I love making worksheets, logos, promotional materials, illustrations and paintings. You need to nurture your artistic passions. It fuels your fire and keeps you from sleeping. It's the reason you feel complete at the end of the day, the final checkmark on your todo list. I'm making it a priority to write/draw/photograph/video some thing each week.


Needless to say, stress has been my shadow these past months. I'm walking a lot more than I use too, but I still need to work in my nutrition. It's so easy to give into the carb cravings, and it's not even being health to get skinnier, it's just to feel better and to be nice to my body. You can totally tell when your body hates you, especially when you're older.


I thought this was going to be a post about losing my hair, guess it was just about losing my mind (temporarily). Anyway, here are some things I've been doing to help my hair/sanity out.


Using Aragon/Coconut/Olive/TeaTree oil on my roots. This also majorly helps with my dry scalp issue. I massage some in by my hairline, ear to ear, then about two inches back. I don't get to crazy with it because I don't want to have greasy hair.

Aragon/Olive Oil Deep Conditioner Treatments...they are bomb. I do these once a week. I'll leave my conditioner in for about 30min, with a plastic bag over my head. My hairs soft and hydrated.

WATER, TONS OF WATER and biotin x2s a day.


Thanks for listening, and what are some things you do to get rid of stress?  


xoxo b.v.