calling dibs on your name with bianca venessa

Hey you! Long time no see, right?

Well, I made a video talking about two of favorite things, domain names and social media pages. If you feel like you're going to start a new project or need to get your business on the internet, here are two things I always do when starting off.

Get your domain name: My favorite place to pick one up is at The're always having sales and promocodes are available at Grabbing your domain name helps you create a brand around it. Seeing what's available on the internet, helps you narrow down the right name and/or you might realize that you will need to purchase your desired domain name from someone. Like maybe someone bought the name you wanted and now you have to figure out if they want to sell the domain name and how to transfer ownership.

Next, start your social media engines: Now that you have your proper name for your business, you can start choosing what social media channels. Just because you signed up for your social media pages, doesn't mean you have to use them yet. Just have them hang out till you're ready to start building your website. If you realize that you don't need a pinterest, it's totally cool to delete it, but do know, you will reach less people the more social media channels you cut off. Just keep that in mind.


Hope this helps! What steps do you take when setting up a website? Lemme know in the comments below!

Till next time, xoxo bv