25: Week Five, Six, & a bit of Seven

It's been a while, I know.

First, I like to apologize for my absence in the world of the internet. I know I only have like two followers, but I owe you consistency. My bad.

Week Five: This week was filled with clinicals, photos, and fundraising.  

That Saturday my family put together a fundraiser for my god-mother, who is like my second mother, because she was recently re-diagnosed with breast cancer. We raised money to help her with general expenses and whatever she might need. I was the token photographer, like at any event, and if you wanna check out the photos, CLICK HERE.

Clinicals also started that week. The residents are sweet, old, and adorable. I clean diapers, give baths, and feed residents. I love it. I like seeing my regular residents in the dinning haul and I know how many Splendas and creamer they want for their coffee. I'm one of the hand full of people who speak Spanish there, so I'm constantly being pulled to translate for others. It's hard, especially when I'm overwhelmed and unsure about what I'm supposed to do. I enjoy talking to the residents, I like knowing who they were, when they were young.

I talked to my H.S. crush and he knew my name. That's all I'll say about that.

Week Six: Cinicals continued, stripper parking lot, Wondercon.

Clinicals contunied for the week and I didn't attend on Wednesday. After hanging out with one of my lovely friends, I dropped her off and went on my way home. While driving home (around 12:30 at night) I noticed that there was smoke coming from the back of my car, then I looked at my gauges and noticed all my lights were on and that the smoke was actually coming from my hood. I was so close to my exit, but I just wanted to park in the nearest parking lot, which was a showgirls parking lot. So I rolled in this parking lot, smoke and all, parked in the end of the lot and started to freak out. The security came to me and asked me to move my car, I looked at him and told him, it wasn't going to happen. He "did me the favor" and "let me" leave my car in the parking lot.  I called my mom. She picked my up at 2am in a stripper parking lot.  She wasn't mad, she said it was a matter of time. 

Wondercon happened. 3hr drive (thanks traffic), junk food, and good times.

Week Seven: Two prospective job opportunities and volunteering in Pediatrics. More clinicals and Happy Birthday Paulina.

The 22nd of April is my State Board Exam and also Jenny's Birthday. 

That's all I have for this (these) week.


love you guys

xoxo, b.v.