25: Rest of Week 7 and Week 8's Monday.

A long weekend.

After clinical on Friday, I headed to work for a 5 hr. shift. I am overly tired and my body hurts, but I still have to sell the shit out of some dresses. I think people are starting to notice my lack of excitement to come in, but it's not because I don't like working with customers or seeing my co-workers, I think I just feel like I could be sleeping or studying.

I had the closing shift Friday night.

The following day I opened.

I was able to get out early that Saturday, so I only worked a 3 hr. shift, just enough to to cover my gas to get there. I went home to grab a bite to eat, then I went to my classmates house to study and practice clinical skills. I'm running on nothing but a tortilla and cheese, yay quesadillas. I need to put gas in my car, I really hope my car doesn't stop. We study, and 3 hrs. later, I leave. I head home to get ready to meet up with my lovely friend to have birthday desserts, but she cancels last minute, which is alright with me. 

All dressed up and looking to be social, I googled "Things to do in San Diego tonight", then Ray at Night popped up. I have been to Ray at Night before and it's a pretty good experience. A bunch of galleries on a one way street, open and ready for traffic. Tons of artsy people and pop up tents with creative designs and trinkets. I gathered my things and headed out.

I did the "I'm going out and I have slight anxiety of being around people" feelings.

Parked, walked a couple blocks, and started browsing the galleries. I stared at pomegranates that were painted in oil on a thick gallery sized canvas and fell in love with a painting of a crumpled paper with a dark black background. If I had $1,800, I would have bought it. 

Got some kettle corn and after 30min., I was ready to call it. 

Went home and slept. 

I had a mid-shift that Sunday, it was only 4 hrs. long, but it felt like an eternity. I was dressed in all black and when I came in my co-worker said that I looked dreary. I did, and I replied that I was going to a funeral after work. She could tell I wasn't kidding and she quickly apologized. I didn't mind, I was kinda numb, sleepy, sore and irritated. I knew I was going to see people who I haven't seen in forever and I knew I was going to forget their names. After work, I picked up my mom and grandparents and we carpooled to the chapel. 

Came home, slept and woke up for clinical.

I only have 3 more days of clinical, then my final, then graduation, then state board. Also, volunteer/pediatrics training.

xoxo, b.v.