Outfits That I Love.

Outfit #1: Inner Wild Child

I love a good skater skirt! It's very easy to pair it with a t-shirt or tank, you know something that you probably already have in you're closet. It's perfect for some fun in the sun, especially here in sunny San Diego. 

City Chic's collection, Wild Child, brought on a wave of coral and color, and one piece that caught my eye was this Girly Fun Skirt.  I have a soft spot for skirts and I want to wear all of them at the same time. I have two of these skirts from City Chic (one in black the other in a dark floral pattern) and I'm constantly pairing them with old band tees and tank tops. This Sheer Palm Top is also from the Wild Child collection. I wish I could take credit for this magnificent compilation, but one of our lovely ladies dressed the mannequin in the window in this outfit. I instantly fell in love.


Outfit #2: Sweet Tooth for Candybaby

Yes, another skater skirt. I'm telling you, I'm going to buy every single one of them.  My top is from City Chic, but since I bought it a while ago, I couldn't find the link online to paste it here. This skirt will have to be my next purchase, its the Candy Bloom Skirt from the Candybaby collection. 

If you're looking for a high-waisted skirt, look no further then the ones at City Chic. Their A-line skirts work for a lot of different body types, since they have a fitted waistband it helps create definition where your natural waist is. If you aren't as hippy(have dem hips) as others, the slight flair helps build a hourglass shape. I will never stop wearing these skirts. They are the perfect blend of professional and casual style with comfort and versatility. 


Outfit #3: Simply Simple

Wearing black is second nature to me, not because I feel the need to conceal my perfect imperfections but because it makes me feel confident and polished. Most of my closet is black, but there are a few random items that bring color to my world and one would be this Colored Drapey Blazer Jacket

My pants are from Torrid and they are my favorite of LBPs (little black pants), by far. My top is from City Chic and I love this look because it's so versatile. All I would need are some heels and to let me hair down to take this look from work to play with minimal effort. 


These are some of my favorite items at the moment.

Simple pieces equal simple outfits, well, simple outfits that look spectacular.


Next up...bathing suits!


xoxo b.v.