25: Week One

This week is a recap of my first week being 25.

My birthday was this past Sunday, the 22nd.

During this week, I successfully passed my phone interview with an airline and signed up for my CNA classes through the American Red Cross.

On the 21st, my friends and I went out to my favorite joint, Babycakes in Hillcrest, and turns out we went during their Birthday Bash, so all the February babies got to celebrate on the same day. We got free drinks and cupcakes from 9-10pm, which coincidentally, is when I got a bit tipsy. 

Photo Feb 21, 8 57 12 PM.jpg

After that, we headed to North Park to get our drink on. Well, at least mine. The night was flled with birthday shots, constant trips to the bathroom and running to Von's to grab a 6-pack (and more cupcakes).

Photo Feb 22, 8 06 41 AM.jpg

That Sunday, I wanted to meet up and just make pancakes at my place or my sister's, but my mom wanted to head out for food instead. Since I wanted to eat breakfast food for lunch, we all met up at Country Waffles. My sisters, nephew, and moms were there and my grandparents came along too.

It was a typical breakfast(lunch): loud, confusing and full of laughter.

I love them.

I applied to work for an airline 4 weeks ago and since I haven't heard back from them, I considered that a lost cause. Then 3 days ago I received an email from the airline to set up a phone interview. After I replied, I thought that there was no way I was going to pass the phone interview, somehow I'll find a way to slip in that my goal is to have 43 cats and live in my car, ya know? I know that's a bit dramatic, but somehow I was going to ruin my chances of getting this job. 

The phone interview was today and I was invited to the group interview in two weeks.

This week I also signed up for Certified Nursing Assistant classes at my local American Red Cross, a bit random, I know. 

My mom's a LVN, she keeps wanting me to consider nursing and she has no idea I signed up for classes. It's not that I'm lost, it's just that I don't have my map yet. I like business, startups, and marketing campaigns, I just hate Statistic, which is the class I dropped today.

Maybe, I am lost.

25. Week one was pretty heavy, but there were some good moments too. Although I can't think of them that doesn't mean they didn't happen.

Also, my car stalled on me when I was driving, like the wheel locked up and the I was almost hit by 6 cars, but the car made it to the shoulder and after I restarted it, I was able to get it off the freeway.

Then the tow truck driver asked me out, so there's a good moment. eh?


xoxo bv.