City Chic Celebration

A few dozen lovely ladies that make up City Chic's Team USA, were invited to eat, drink and be fashionably fabulous last Sunday. All the So-Cal stores met up in the O.C. for this fun and festive night. Our CFO and VP joined us while we had mini sessions on bra fittings/lingerie feedback, makeup and styling tips and lastly marketing/feedback presentations. OH YES, and tons of food. 

After we said our hellos, we went to bra fitting school. CC Lingerie Buyer Jonathan brought us some new bra and panty sets that will be rolling out soon in the US. Then we got lovely make up tips from our CC stylist (@STEPH_FIERCE on Instagram) from City Chic #TeamBrea. 

Bianca Venessa City Chic Bra
Bianca Venessa Bras
Bianca Venessa City Chic

Our last stop was on the patio with CC Head Buyer Lucy and CC Insider Jennifer Buckingham and there we talked marketing tips, as well as, overall feedback on how we can make this year spectacular for City Chic.

Bianca Venessa City Chic

Did I mention that there was a lot of clothing at this party?

Yea. A lot.

Bianca Venessa Clothing Rack
Bianca Venessa
Bianca Venessa

There was soo much clothing, that we were able to take some home :)

Bianca Venessa

One quality I love about City Chic is that our opinions, as employees and customers, really matter. Corporate wants to know what works and what doesn't, and what people want to see more of. They are very open and welcoming to ideas and suggestions on how to make our stores even more successful and give our customers the best shopping experience. 

Overall, this night was spectacular, because City Chic knows how to throw an amazing shindig! 

Can't wait for the next one!

xoxo bv.