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Pink Easel: Make some art, make a mess, make some friends, and always helping every artist create. We have tons of Pink Easel classes to pick from and fun videos to watch from our past classes and new videos weekly on art techniques and projects.

Come have fun with us at Pink Easel.



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Class Focus: Acrylic Paint

We'll have a picnic style art session with where we'll be creating three 4"x4" mini canvas panels with acrylic art paint. After introductions, grab some snacks, prep your palette, and collect some paint brushes, and begin a painting whatever inspiration comes to you. I'll be there to guide you and offer you help with the tools and supplies, but it's up to you to put together your final art pieces.

Three 4"x4" Canvas Panels
Full Access to Art Mediums
Digital Access to Photos Taken at Pink Easel

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Class Focus: Watercolor Medium

For this project, we'll be creating unique one of a kind postal perfection and share a happy moment from your trip with someone back home. Well even let you choose which postage stamp you want and provide envelopes if you want added protection for your postcard.

Three 5"x7" Watercolor Postcards
Full Access to Art Mediums
Digital Access to Photos Taken at Pink Easel



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Q: What do I need to bring to a Pink Easel class?

A: Just yourself and don't forget to tell your best friend! We'll have all the supplies that you'll need for the class, plus some sweet treats.

Q: I'm not good at art, but I want to come, what should I do?

A: You should definitely come to a Pink Easel class because it doesn't matter what skill level you begin at as long as you love to create. We want everyone who comes to Pink Easel to have fun and create something they love.


A: IF THIS IS A BYOB (bring your own beer), class. Alcohol is permitted from noon until to 8:00 p.m. in the following locations: Botanical Building East Lawn and West Lawn (which is where we'll be at). It is unlawful to possess any cup, jar or container made of glass and used to carry or containing liquid. SDMC 63.0102(b)(7). Please, no hard alcohol. We ask if you are accompanied by anyone under 21 of age that you do NOT bring alcoholic beverages to consume. 

We are not responsible for your personal belongings or for paint damage to your personal clothing or personal items. We reserve the right to refuse service. (ex: nuisance or inappropriate conduct).

So, grab your friends and split a 12-pack or a box of wine and create.

Q: How can I reserve Pink Easel for my private event?

A: If you would like a to reserve Pink Easel for my private event, simply send an email with event details to get an estimate.