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Hello Wonderfuls!

I'm Bianca Venessa and welcome to my blog that is dedicated to all the things I love: art, entrepreneurship and self confidence.

*Please make yourself at home and help yourself to whatever's in the fridge.

How it happened:

I am an artist at heart and you can always bet that I have a small sketch book on hand. At 18, I was doing group art shows throughout San Diego and loving every minute of it. Art is something that will always feel like a warm cup of coffee on a cold, crisp day. It's energizing and electrifying, it's what makes life so colorful. 

While taking classes through AGIA Link Art, I found most joy with acrylic and ink, and other elements of mixed media, usually fabric. I painted on skateboards and gave them away when I could. Now that I think about it, gave away tons of art. I would have raffles and games to get people to come see my art. I like to think I was a #girlboss. I networked and navigated to get into events with Adidas and Tom's shoes, to display my work and do some live painting. Along the way, I traveled to a tiny island off Massachusetts to volunteer at the Nantucket Film Festival and lost my self in San Francisco while studying at Academy of Art for a summer.


My first official job was at Seaworld, San Diego as a Craftsperson 1, basically I worked in the costume department creating and up keeping the costumes and props for the shows.  

Fashion/Show Production experience: (stuff I worked with)

Sketching, hand sewing, pattern-making, draping and cutting skills; sewing with an industrial and home single-needle and overlock machine; knowledge of costume production and creating markers.

Assisted backstage in quick fixes and wardrobe changes; Assigned to multiple show areas that included water, animals, and rigging; Assembled and cataloged costumes, accessories and props with their maintenance instructions; Specialized knowledge of fabrics, such as furs, two and 4-way & 2-way stretch.

Between Seaworld and the Fashion Design classes I took at Otis College of Art and Design, I learned a lot about apparel construction and design, as well as, found out how terrible L.A. traffic is on a Saturday afternoon.

Somethings we should cover: I love Poshmark (Poshfest 2013 attendee), Startup Weekends and conferences in general (Seattle Interactive Conference), I've been attending San Diego Comic Con for 10yrs now (love comic conventions), dresser for Fashion Week San Diego, finishing up my Business degree(soonish), and I think I'm on a journey to be a fantastic life coach or a stand up comic. 

Update: July 16'

I drive around and take photos. 

Go to conventions, all of them.

Find and share people who have great talents.

Love entrepreneurship and head over heals for start-ups.

Lastly, I love art and I'm always sketching and designing.

Featured below, my art work.


Update: Sep 17' 



Update: April 18’

I own a small business, Pink Easel.

Update: October 18’

Pink Easel hosts workshops, classes, and events. We make piñatas, paint with acrylic and watercolors, Camp Crappy Crafts, Velvet Painting, Creative Check In

Update: December 18’

Social Media Campaign//Booked our first corporate event//

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