A New Wave

I love drawing to music. I use to sketch and write lyrics in my journals when I was younger. During middle school, I never seemed to fit in with others and I always felt like the awkward.  


And I was, I was different. I would go to school with my school uniform with a camo jacket, rock a tiara, and the oddest shoes. I didn't care. I felt like I was the most truest form of myself. There were some girls who were older and didn't like me, why(?) who the fuck knows, but when you're in middle school that doesn't need a reason. They would snap photos of me to capture the different outfits I wore, I remember them always trying to be sneaky about it to. Like, I can see you. I was a tough cookie then and I'm a tough cookie now. 


I create art that sometimes doesn't make sense, but it does to me. These images are probably just scribbles and nonsense to some, but to me, it takes me back to when I was 12/13 talking about my day to my journals.


xoxo b.v.