Pink Easel

Pink Easel: Confetti Streamers

Today we used the seeing machine and colorful paper to create party perfection. 


Also, goodbye YouTube, hello Vimeo. Three of my videos have been demonetized and copywrite claims for the music have been added to them. I got the music from an artist on Spotify, with the permission of the artist. It’s the same company on all the videos adding copywrite claims to my videos, so I’m gonna try a new videos sharing site. I’ll always post my videos here anyway.

Hope you enjoy, I had fun making these things. 


xoxo bv

Pink Easel

Hello Everyone!

Untitled design-4.jpg

I am excited to tell you that I am launching Pink Easel! 

I've partnered with Airbnb to bring you Pink Easel, an art class where people come to express themselves creatively.

Grab your best friend and meet some new ones while you create one of a kind art pieces at Pink Easel. You will be able to spot the Pink Easel meeting point by, of course, the pink easels. We'll have a picnic style art session with tabletop easels and all art supplies are included. 

After introductions, you'll make your spot cozy with some snacks, best paint colors, and favorite paint brushes, and begin a painting whatever inspiration comes to you. We'll paint for about 1hr, then while winding down we'll share our pieces with each other. This is a great way to explore Balboa Park and network with traveling artist from all over the world! 

At the moment, bookings are only done through Airbnb.

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I would love it if you joined me for a class to create some amazing art. 

xoxo b.v.