Pink Easel Update

Omg yass! Pink Easel’s gonna be in a street fair next week! Come out to the Sherman Heights Music Festival, from 12-7pm June 23rd, 2018 at the Sherman Heights Community Center, 2258 Island Avenue, San Diego, CA. 



Don’t forget! Get your $5 ticket to the Pink Easel Summer Session, June 30th, 2018 10-11:30am, in front of the Botanical Gardens in Balboa Park, San Diego. We’ll be doing watercolor postcards!  Scroll up to the top to grab your ticket to the Summer Session!



Also! I am now on Patreon. Thank you for allowing myself to create and pursue Pink Easel. There are a couple rewards to pick from. 


Come make some art with us at Pink Easel!


xoxo b.v. 

Pink Easel: Confetti Streamers

Today we used the seeing machine and colorful paper to create party perfection. 


Also, goodbye YouTube, hello Vimeo. Three of my videos have been demonetized and copywrite claims for the music have been added to them. I got the music from an artist on Spotify, with the permission of the artist. It’s the same company on all the videos adding copywrite claims to my videos, so I’m gonna try a new videos sharing site. I’ll always post my videos here anyway.

Hope you enjoy, I had fun making these things. 


xoxo bv